LED street lamp manufacturers continue to develop in order to better face the market trend.
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With the advance of smart city, intelligent street lights are also coming out with intelligent transportation. For this reason, street lamp manufacturers also need to improve their production quality and innovate product technology. The overall framework of intelligent transportation includes physical perception layer, software application platform, and application of analysis, prediction and optimization management. The physical perception layer is mainly the perception of traffic and traffic data. The software application platform integrates and converts the information of each sensory terminal to support the construction of the application system for the analysis and early warning and optimization management, and the application of analysis and prediction and optimization management mainly includes traffic planning, traffic monitoring and intelligence. The application system such as induction, intelligent parking and so on.

The system uses advanced video surveillance, intelligent recognition and information technology to increase the manageable space, time and scope, and continuously improve the management breadth, depth and precision. The whole system is composed of information integrated application platform, signal control system, video surveillance system, intelligent card port system, electronic police system, information collection system, information publishing system and so on. In order to achieve four goals: improve traffic capacity, reduce traffic accidents, combat illegal activities, travel information services. The intelligent street lamps are in cooperation with each other. They have achieved the best effect. At present, most of the intelligent street lamps are created on the basis of the lamp manufacturers in the early stage.

After decades of technical development, the LED street lamp has been improved greatly. Because of its good monochromatic performance and narrow spectrum, it can be used directly to produce colored visible light, and with the commercialization of high brightness LED of various colors such as red yellow and green.

Street lamp manufacturers and the replacement of traditional incandescent lamps are used for street lamps. At present, the application of LED street lamps has been widespread throughout the world. LED street lamps have a wide range of advantages in energy saving, and the most significant feature is low energy consumption, so the application of LED street lamps will save a lot of electricity for the whole city.

In the era of big data, the impact of data overflow is far beyond the field of enterprise. It can bring commercial value and social value. With the development of information and communication technology, transportation from poor data to data rich environment, and facing a large number of traffic data, how to extract effective data from user needs is the key. Although the intelligent LED street lamps are developing well at the moment, the speed of the times is not so slow as everyone thinks. The lamp manufacturers should follow the pace of the times, keep pace with the pace, and create the age of intelligent technology.

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