Australia promotes LED lighting technology or halogen halogen lamps
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The Australian Lighting Association, the largest lighting industry organization in Australia, recently announced that as the world enters the LED lighting era, halogen lamps will disappear from Australia's retail stores in the next 12-24 months.

The Australian Lighting Association warmly welcomed the new Australian Government Committee (COAG) ministerial meeting on the energy committee, which adopted a new law applicable to the next generation of LED lighting technology in Australia.

Under a highly competitive global market environment, the lighting industry still provides employment opportunities for up to 4500 manufacturing enterprises throughout Australia, but it has also been facing a significant increase in compliance costs. The new compliance costs are due to the need to apply the bill of the Commonwealth environment department to Commonwealth of Australia law.

"The early motion is a disaster," explains Richard Mulcahy, chief executive of the Australian Lighting Association.

"Additional red tape, worth up to $80 million, will only increase consumer prices and reduce employment in the industry, and the lighting industry is one of the few dynamic manufacturing industries in Australia."

The debate is focused on how minister Frydenberg intervened after hearing some important industry reports.

"The minister, Frydenberg, sees the problems in the bill and directs his department to reformulate its policy on the basis of consulting the truth of the industry. The final bill passed by the Australian Government Committee (COAG) is a very reasonable discount in keeping Australia's regulations and foreign related laws and regulations consistent. The original bill. "

"Frydenberg's extraordinary leadership has won him a warm applause, and we are very grateful for prime minister Turnbull's support on this issue."

"In addition, the Frydenberg minister has made a very meaningful step in reducing the Australian household electricity bill," Mr. Mulcahy said when he agreed to disable halogen lights. It is estimated that this initiative will save Australian consumers 10 billion Australian dollars in the next ten years.

"Halogen lamps consume 3-5 times as much electricity as the new generation of LED technology, and we are happy to play a major role in reducing the budget pressure on families and businesses as an industry dedicated to the need to produce environmental protection."

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