Solar Home System

P6 Portable Solar Home System is a solar power supply system comprises of a built-in lithium battery, a controller, and a standard USB port. It goes through the external solar panel, providing users with a complete set of solar energy solutions for power generation, storage and power supply. It is also easy to use and hard to damage.

P6 Portable Solar Home System is equipped with a 20-90W solar panel and 77Wh-308Wh battery capacity, which is able to meet most needs. Users can easily charge their LED light, fan, cell phone, IPAD, MP3, laptop or any other small household appliances through the USB/DC inverter port. It is not only an emergency power source but also a system that can meet basic household electricity demand in the area without easy access to electricity.

Battery capacity
Solar panel
USB output/USB
11~14.5V 5A&2A
DC output/DC
150W AC110V
Inverter Output
Battery capacity 70~308Wh
Solar panel 20-90W
USB output/USB 5V2.1A
DC output/DC 11~14.5V 5A&2A
Inverter Output 150W AC110V
Product Features
Product Features
Outdoor Lighting
Home Lighting
Home Lighting
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